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GE SHAW ENT, is an entertainment, blog, and social media platform design for social, media, and entertainment purposes, we are not a marketing agency nor do we stand for any groups, bands, song writers, or any other artist of any other venue (i.e. poets, writers, author, etc.)

Our sole purpose is to interact, with our social landscape in all ways social, which includes reporting news, analyzing social issues, speaking, and offering a platform for anyone to express their viewpoints without censorship, However, we will respectively decline anything considered to be tasteless, disrespectful, and dehumanizing.


For all our great artists in the entertainment field:


You are giving GE SHAW ENT (parent company for SIME TODAY) permission to add your music song list (which may include, spoken word, free verse, instrumental, etc.) to our podcast/radio networks…In addition, you are authorizing any affiliate of GE SHAW ENT access to play your music and other works on our social media platforms.


You are "Not" providing us the rights to your tracks for revenue purposes – we are a worldwide online community-based social media platform.


GE SHAW ENT only shares your literary works (i.e. music, songs, writings, etc..) with other shows on our network.


Additionally, GE SHAW ENT does not sell or give out your tracks, unless its management receives the express permission from you and/or your representative for purposes of promotional materials such as a hard copy or digital download.

Subsequently, what you are offering GE SHAW ENT is the opportunity to share your music, so that fans can come to your pages or online stores and have an opportunity to buy your tracks or other literary work from you.

Furthermore, you allow GE SHAW ENT and its representatives the opportunity to contact you at a future date and time that is convenient to all parties involved for an in-depth interview, if the opportunity presents itself.



GE SHAW ENT & SIME TODAY (SOCIAL ISSUES, MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT) allows our platform to all artist in all venues, as our mission and vision is to allow everyone a voice.


IMPORTANT: House Cleaning

If you sign with a label, please remember, we are about giving everyone a voice and if you so choose to allow us to continue to play your music free, it is at your discretion. If you so choose and ask us to remove your tracks, we will gladly do so. If you decide to come back and seek us out in playing your music, then you are in so doing, asking us to air your music for free.

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