The Taste of Tacoma 2018

June 26, 2018


The Taste of Tacoma (2018) has come and gone and here is my take on my experience this weekend…


The Taste of Tacoma was held this weekend here at Point Defiance Park. I spent Saturday afternoon and early evening here enjoying the sites, and as a writer, I wanted to really enjoy what this event really offers our community. Therefore, I took the adventure to the Taste of Tacoma as a fan and writer for our blog (SIME Today). I want to elaborate a little on my knowledge of the “Taste,” for instance, I have been there before, however, it was one of those in and out scenario’s, you know the type, just to say, “I have been there”. Well, this time around, I came with part of my family plus one new addition Mr. Rhyan (AKA, Little Bud”) and it was a great experience.

We enjoy some good food, took in some good sites, enjoy some good music and I met some interesting people (more on that later).


As far as the Taste of Tacoma from my perspective, here are my thoughts. In every venue people get separated, kids go missing, people get irritated and cultural issues become more significant than what it really is. Additionally, this is paramount, rules are going to be broken that is the nature of the beast (i.e. big events). During the time I was there, I witnessed only one encounter of a missing child, and the urgency of finding that child was immediate. Whether the child was located during the time I was there I cannot answer, but the response was instant, no wasted movements. Not revealing my age, but I have been around and seen some events where the response was adequate for such an event. Still, you get that itch that maybe the level of urgency could have been higher (my perspective only). Just an acknowledgment of how I was impressed with that response, nothing more.

Another observation about “Taste” was the food and the different types of food delicacies or assortments available, in one word respectable. I say this in high regards, my only complaint might be some foods might be overpriced. But in stating the obvious, it is expected. All venues of this nature are going to be overpriced to some degree, or how would they recover their losses. My family and I stopped by the Hawaiian Fried Noodles Restaurant. I tried the orange chicken with noodles & rice (white), and I thought the meal was good. The orange chicken, in my opinion, you either like it or you don’t, I did; as far as the rest of the family, I heard no complaints.


There was two gentleman and a young lady at a booth/stand that caught my attention, I think it was the free “hugs”. No, I was looking for the free hugs from the young lady, alright now!!! Though the real reason the booth/stand caught my attention was the younger gentleman (white-male) in a wheelchair, he reminded me of a friend who had passed away several years ago that attended college with me (The Evergreen State College-Tacoma Campus). The gentleman at the fair was an author and a motivational speaker, and he wrote children’s books. And of course, having a grandchild in his early adolescence years, the attraction was much more magnetized. The other gentleman and young lady were interesting as well, he had spent 22 years in the arm forces (US Airforce and Navy) and appear to still have a sense of boyish humor. I wanted to know more, well here is a quick note, he is African-American, and author of “Just a Thought” an accounting of his life, but from a military, and warzone historical foundation of Afghanistan. I found all three interesting and will research their books and probably purchase both. Also, I hope to set up interviews with all three at a future time.


The last observation was the music venues at the Taste of Tacoma, on Saturday the music was rocking and excellent. However, growing up to the sounds of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s I felt more compelled to follow the music of that genre. The music group “Sonic Funk Orchestra” brought the music to the “Taste” in full disco and funk style and my little grandson was loving it (doing his little dance).


Side Notes

Ø There were more radio affiliations at this years Taste of Tacoma than in other years in my opinion.

Ø The Emerald Queen Casino (EQC) hosted the Taste of Tacoma.

Ø BEOC was the presenter of the Taste of Tacoma.

Ø There were 4-major music stages displayed throughout the 720-acre park (Point Defiance).

Ø The EQC (Taste of Tacoma) is the second largest free family event venue in the Pacific NW and one the largest in the country.

Ø Estimated 250,000 customers will attend this 3-day event.

Ø About 70% of the sponsors return every year or hold multiyear contracts.

Ø The Taste of Tacoma has been around for 30 years with its inception coming the summer of 1986.


All in all, this summer’s Taste of Tacoma was an excellenct experience and I am looking forward to next year’s 2019 Taste of Tacoma.


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